Atlas is an intelligent web-based Digital Asset Management solution specifically designed to simplify the task of managing, finding and distributing rich media such as digital photos, video and audio. Need to find a document? No problem.

A simple document word search will bring up any PDF, Word or PowerPoint fie youre after. Need automated desktop page creation? Can do.Need a system that works seamlessly between Windows and Mac platforms? Atlas can do that.

Need to provide controlled access to digital assets or convert image resolutions and colours at a mouse click? Easily done.

  • Find your files quickly and easily.
  • Reduce time spent distributing digital content to partners, vendors and suppliers.
  • View campaign histories at a button click.
  • Avoid wasteful duplication of efforts Integrate a client into your company network with no fuss.
  • Manage an archive of past and current rich media assets such as advertising, product images, sales collateral, audio and video.
  • Manage multiple clients independently, each seeing their own assets, directories and personalised branding.
So if you are seeking a way to quickly, easily and efficiently distribute your companys brand assets to multiple partners within tight deadlines and small budgets you couldnt do better than consider the Atlas solution.

One size does not fit all.

We customise for each client to match their requirements. Build workflows that report on your important statistics and analyse data for on-demand review.
We have 20 different modules integrated into Atlas that can be customised. On top of this we have developed solutions that are highly technical and simple to meet client objectives.

For example, Peugeot wanted a way to educate their enterprise on the finer details of all models so their staff would be knowledgeable, assisting sales confidence.

We built a quiz tool where they could build their own quiz and report score reports. A leaderboard was visible so the results were public. Competition meant that trick questions had to be used to define winners, the result was a good knowledge of product and past quizzes used for induction purposes.

Simple to manage, add users, build directories, add description fields all from a browser.

We expect an administrator to be running Atlas with hundreds of users in after 4 hours training. Backups are automated and guides are provided.

Atlas Media Database - Intelligent workflow and digital asset management