Digital Asset Mangement - Our Core Dynamic PDF Generator Document Management
Digital Asset Mangement - Our Core Dynamic PDF Generator Document Management
- The Atlas core is a powerful web based digital asset management solution specifically designed and developed from the ground up to simplify the task of managing, finding and distributing files such as digital images, desktop files, audio and video files and much, much more. Convert and download images, choosing image sizes and formats as required on demand.

The Dynamic PDF Generator is one of the most sought after tools... This enables users to create a wide range of pdf documents from forms, stationery to promotional material all within the browser. The functionality allows users to insert images, copy and database content

Our document mangement search allows you to find key words within your everyday office documents such as Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. Once the documents are uploaded into Atlas the document search is available to use. Like Google, use full words in your search and results are returned with highlighted keywords associated to any documents found.

Intergrated InDesign Catalogue Builder Online proofing - Proof Anytime InStore Dynamic Ticketing
Intergrated InDesign Catalogue Builder Online proofing - Proof Anytime InStore Dynamic Ticketing

With the Online Catalogue Builder you are able to layup base artwork utilising the images and product data stored within Atlas. This is a great time saving piece of software and ensures that accurate product information is kept with the correct product imagery.

Simply dispatch your brief to your Design studio or Prepress department and allow this brief to be flowed directly into Adobe InDesign using integrated desktop tools. A junior operator could easily flow the brief into a working production Adobe InDesign document ready for proofing. This means no manual copy and paste from previous artwork ensuring less room for error.

Distribute and manage single or multiple proofs by inviting individuals or a collaborative group of proof users to a proofing session. Allocate deadlines and send notifications to ensure speedy response. Multiple users can login and add comments to proofs remotely or at the office. Each comment is highlighted in a pre-defined colour to distinguish and manage multiple users comments.

When local market competition is tight and you need to make your own point of sale immediately, the Atlas Instore Ticketing module allows you to easily build your own professional branded material in a browser complete with branded fonts. Target your potential customers and frustrate your competition by allowing providing all your outlets with a user friendly professional tool which will protect brand and product descriptions from enthusiastic or average attempts at marketing.

Track Merchandising Print and Stock Management Inventory Mangement
Track Merchandising Print and Stock Management Inventory Management

Is that promotion in place and displaying the competition forms? When was it installed and how does it look? When was it removed? See what is happening in stores. Provide installers with best case examples not everyone can design and build nice displays. Use peer reviews to get consistent appearance. Provide printouts for review of all displays.

Collected and sorted by pixting or emailing on site using technology smarts to report by group, region and promotion.

Are these the right forms to order?
Can't remember how many brochures you have on hand?
Who ordered the last of those letterheads?
What is the residual value of those assets?
When should I reorder? Use our Print and Stock management to manage everything from golf-balls to point of sale material.
An affordable management solution with reporting and reminders.

Which franchise has the Promotion signage and the podium?
Who returned the marquee without the poles? Who is that projector booked with next week?
Share and manage inventory with images all of items and approval processes.

Atlas Media Database - Intelligent workflow and digital asset management